Stronger Client Relationships

Contract Clarity creates business contracts, but more than that we help businesses, both large and small, improve their client relationships.

Our contracts are commercially driven, pragmatic, and help prevent disputes.

We focus on the detail that matters:

  • We are fair to both parties
  • We encourage client and customer collaboration
  • We reduce misunderstandings
  • We ensure that your contracts reflect your values.

We genuinely believe that what our clients want are ‘agreements’ – reasonable, clear contracts designed to reflect their wish to work together with another party for their common good.

Contract Clarity believes contracts shouldn’t be signed and put away in a drawer. In contrast we see contracts as working documents, to be referenced throughout the relationship, reducing the potential for disputes and so improving the process and profitability for both parties.

In fact, clients regularly tell us that after our involvement they:

  • Feel confident charging for all the work they have completed
  • Have had more invoices paid in full and on time
  • Have found that their clients are clearer about what they need to do to make the project a success and are more willing to cooperate
  • Feel less stressed – even ‘excited’ – about their contracts.

Also, we’re only an email or  phone-call away if you need on-going support.  Contact us at any time (preferably during office hours!) on 0784 3233290