Flexible On-going Support

Our founder, Margaret Burrell, set up Contract Clarity with the sole aim of bringing the benefits  of ‘in-house’ contracts support (something which, until now, has only been available to larger organisations,) to much smaller businesses.  From her own experience, she saw how the in-depth knowledge which in-house teams gain about their clients, and their pragmatic approach, both benefited the larger organisations but was out of the financial reach of smaller ones.  She therefore set out to remedy this.

At Contract Clarity, we’re good at what we do. If you currently manage your own contracts, we can save you time and money by doing it for you, allowing you the time and confidence to focus on what you do best.

We can provide you with your own contract management team, in-house or virtually, without the expense and hassle of training and employing your own staff. Our service is bespoke, but in the past existing clients have approached us to:

  • Audit all existing contracts – Identifying problems before they arise.
  • Manage all long term contracts – Ensuring timely termination or renewal.
  • Manage breaches of contract – Minimising loss and preserving relationships.
  • Improve negotiations and procedures – Securing better terms, reducing time to signature and improving turnaround times.
  • Instruct and manage specialist/overseas lawyers – Improving value for money and monitoring the quality and consistency of advice received
  • Train and manage staff – Reducing the potential for mistakes and improving efficiency